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Welcome to Mazzivo,
As a manufacturer of Mazzivo brand, we have been offering you, for 10 years now, products of the highest quality made of solid wood. You can buy our products up to 70% below the regular market value due to a special \'On Demand\' system. Mazzivo furniture gives you many opportunities to arrange your dream interior.
Our products are not mass-produced, not imported from Asia, and are not available in retail chains. We offer you anything but good design in the European style. We believe that good and unique
furniture can be available not only in luxury furniture stores and not just for a big amount of money, but also via the Internet at affordable prices. Our solution makes you save time and money with just a click of the mouse. For more information see our website. 

Gebruikte materialen

Mazzivo products are made from 100% solid wood.
Our models are available in all possible sizes.
Wood which you can choose is: 
solid alder, solid oak, solid beech, solid ash and solid cherry.
You can ask to make changes to the project according to your wishes. For more information visit our website:
or email us:

Bekijk de website voor meer informatie

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