SKINNY sjaal - een lange, dik, chunky gebreid –hennep / linnen kleur

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My new favourite item! Keeps the chill off outside AND inside!

Dress it up or dress it down. 
Wind it up, let it hang, belt it up, slap it over your shoulder, bunch it up close to your neck. 
Give it away! Keep it for yourself!
Tangle two together for a very colorful Skinny!
I guess you can do a lot with the Skinny Scarf!

For bristly summer evenings, windy spring days, bitter cold winter or blustery autumn days. I sometimes secretly hope for inclement weather just so I can wear the Skinny! 

This item is READY TO SHIP. See below for custom colour orders. 

Washing care: Hand wash in tepid water with a mild soap. Do not twist. Shape and dry on a flat towel.


Please see other listings for more colours, scarves and cowls.

All of my items can be custom made with other colours or different sizes, please contact me with your ideas!



Ecovriendelijk Geen idee
Staat Nieuw
Gebruikte materialen wol mix
Kenmerken Skinny, dik, chunky
Afmeting/Formaat 9 cm x 175 cm
Levertijd 1-2 dagen

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