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FUZILLI JERRY POUF — Soft and fuzzy!

This item is MADE TO ORDER. Comes with cushion. All made-to-order Fuzilli Jerry Poufs will be the same price as this listing. 

Perfect for a floor cushion, footrest, extra seat around a low table or a child's seat. 

This is the funnest pouf around! It's fuzilli!
(Kramer enters, holding an object of some kind).
KRAMER: Here you go, buddy. (shows it to Jerry).
JERRY: What is it?
KRAMER: *Fusilli* Jerry! It's made from Fusilli pasta. See the microphone?
JERRY: When did you do this?
KRAMER: In my spare time. (turns to George). You know, I'm working on one of you, George. I'm using ravioli. See, the hard part is to find a pasta that captures the individual.
JERRY: Oh... Why Fusilli?
KRAMER: Because *you're* silly. Get it? (hands the Fusilli to Jerry) Yeah...
JERRY: Well, thank you very much.
A very cozy addition to any room! 

Shown here in Pure Orange. 

The Fuzilli Jerry Pouf is crocheted with a cotton yarn. The inner pillow is handmade and hand-dyed to match the yarn and filled with styrofoam pellets

Size: Approximately 37cm height / 153cm  width around / 47cm  width across top

Colors: Many other colors*. Please see the last image.

Free pickup! (Send me a convo if you are near Limburg, Netherlands area.)
*Based on availability. Within this range of colors, I also have varying shades that are not shown here: Please check with me first on your color preference and I will show you the subtle differences. 
*If you don’t see a color that you would like, please send me a message and I’ll try my best to find what you’re looking for. More colors to come. Please check back soon!
A CUSTOM ORDER can be placed for a different size and price, please contact me to discuss.


Ecovriendelijk Vraag het de verkoper
Staat Nieuw
Gebruikte materialen cotton yarn, cotton material, stuffing, dye
Kenmerken Haak, Kussen, poef, ruig, fuzzy, sinaasappel, mandarijn, pompoen, Kinderen, Woonkamer, slaapkammer, handgeverfde
Afmeting/Formaat Approximately 37cm height / 153cm width around / 47cm width across top
Levertijd 3-8 dagen

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